What is HIV TIPs?

HIV TIPs is a web tool for GPs and practice nurses to help them increase HIV testing and reduce avoidable illness and deaths that still occur because of late diagnosis.

The tool will help you identify and reflect on obstacles (barriers & challenges) to HIV testing that may exist in your practice, and lead your team to overcome them.

How to use the site:

There's no right or wrong way to navigate through the site. However, we've tried to create a logical flow to make it easier for you.

We suggest you start on:

Assess your own learning needs:  here you can test yourself as to how much you know about HIV by using our exercises and quizzes. Once you have a better idea of your learning needs move on to -

Update yourself: where you can fill in any gaps in your knowledge that you have  identified. We suggest you browse the four sections you find here. You can also look at the whole range of other resources. When you are ready – even though you might not feel like an expert! – you can move on to the next section Assess your team's learning needs -  and start to look at the learning needs of your team.

Assess your team’s learning needs: here there are group quizzes, an audit, and exercises you can use with your colleagues to find out how much the team knows about  HIV. Once you’ve done these, there’s an opportunity to -

Change practice in your team: here you can review how you and your colleagues  did in the team quizzes and group activities. There is everything you need for a clinical teaching session and a whole load of ideas for other things you can do (all summarised in a checklist). See Resources.

After working through the material and resources, you should be able to:

- List the benefits of HIV testing

- Identify barriers to HIV testing that may be affecting your own clinical practice

- Give an overview of the learning needs of your team with respect to HIV

- List the barriers to HIV testing that your team have identified and ways to overcome these

You should monitor HIV testing rates in your practice over time.

This resource was originally developed by MEDFASH (now closed), it has now been transferred to the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH).

Did you know...

Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV, was identified by two different research groups in 1983.

Antiretrovirals were initially used singly however it quickly became apparent that this led to resistance and so now they are used in combinations of 3 or more.