The case for HIV testing: My team has learning needs!

In response to Team quiz 1, you may feel that your whole team needs an update about the main points on HIV in the UK. We have three steps to addressing this.

1) A slideset: The case for HIV testing

Use this interactive presentation to update your CLINICAL team on some key points, in a 30-40 minute session.

It includes:

i) Instructions at the foot of the first slide ('notes page view') to help you plan the teaching.

ii) Teaching notes at the foot of the subsequent slides to support delivery of teaching.

iii) Key messages for non-clinical members of the team at the end of the presentation.

2) Disseminate key messages (developed with your clinical team as above) to your WHOLE team.

In the teaching session with your clinical team, you will agree who will disseminate info to the whole team (and possibly to patients too) - how, who and by when!

3) Did dissemination of key messages occur?

Your role is to make this happen, so set a reminder in a diary or on a phone.

Did you know...

Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV, was identified by two different research groups in 1983

"Thirty years into the HIV epidemic we still have major discrimination and stigma related to HIV, as well as laws and law enforcement that drive people away from HIV services" Sidibe, UNAIDS, 2011.