Team Quiz 1: The case for HIV testing

This exercise is for any member of your practice team, clinical or non-clinical.

The quiz links with a teaching presentation The case for HIV testing that you will find in the section Change practice in your team.

Use the results from the quiz to consider if this teaching presentation is a priority for you to use with your whole team.

Download the quiz (and answers): The case for HIV testing

We suggest you:

i) Print

Print out one quiz per team member (the quiz is one side of A4. The second page gives answers and explanations. Keep these!).

ii) Run the quiz

Hand out the quiz pages at an appropriate moment, such as at the start of a team meeting (explain that you are obtaining a team not individual scores).

Collect them in after a few minutes, then run through the answers if you have time, or hand out the answer sheets.

iii) Collate the scores

You will form a better idea as to how your team do if you collect back the answers (as opposed to relying on verbal feedback!).

Check responses against the answers provided; you can formally mark them and obtain an average score if you like.

Form an impression as to how your team has done overall. This will be relevant for the next section of the tool, Change practice in your team.

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Did you know...

Condoms, when used both consistently and correctly, are highly effective in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) became an agreed term in the US in 1982, describing a condition that was first identified in 1981.