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This is a 45 to 60 minute downloadable exercise for your whole team. Participants are encouraged to see how your practice would look through the eyes of someone who is interested in having an HIV test.

The exercise aims to produce ideas for changing practice in your team.

Four characters (Geoffrey, Marie, Jayden and Iryna) are all, for different reasons, wondering about HIV.

Each small group in your team will take one character and consider their needs.

Instructions as to how to run the exercise come within the document.

Download Feel free to ask!

After you have done this exercise:

Form an impression as to how your team has done overall. This will be relevant for the next section of the tool: Change practice in your team.

Now return to Assess your team's learning needs to complete other team activitives.

Did you know...

The first HIV antibody test became widely available in 1985, current venous sample tests are for HIV1 and 2; both antibody and antigen.

In resource poor settings mothers with HIV are advised to breast feed as the risks from bottle feeding in that environment are higher than the risk of HIV transmission.