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Assess your own learning needs - did you get a chance to do the quizzes in this section?

Quiz 1 - How much do you know about HIV?

Quiz 2 - HIV indicator conditions

Reflective exercise 1: Am I doing as much HIV testing as I might?

Update yourself on HIV testing - have you looked at the four sections below?

The case for HIV testing

Diagnostic testing

Opportunistic testing

HIV screening

Assess your team's learning needs - have you worked with your team to see how much they know about HIV?

Team Quiz 1: The Case for HIV testing

Team Quiz 2: Diagnostic testing for HIV

Feel Free to Ask (downloadable game)

What stops us from testing? (a group exercise for the clinical team)

Change practice in your team - have you reviewed how your team did with the earlier quizzes and group exercises? Did you get a chance to follow up on some of this?

Follow up from Team quiz 1: The case for HIV testing - my team has learning needs!

Follow up from Team quiz 2: Diagnostic testing for HIV: My clinical team has learning needs!

Outcomes and follow up from the other group exercises

Interpreting audit results

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Did you know...

Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV, was identified by two different research groups in 1983.

"Thirty years into the HIV epidemic we still have major discrimination and stigma related to HIV, as well as laws and law enforcement that drive people away from HIV services" Sidibe, UNAIDS, 2011.