Assess your own
learning needs

Here we have two quizzes and a reflective exercise to help you consider your own learning needs with respect to HIV testing.

Once you’ve looked at the quizzes and exercise on this page, think about how you did. If you think you need to improve your knowledge on HIV testing, the next section Update yourself is for you to browse.

However if you have done well and if you are confident about your own knowledge and ability to offer HIV testing, you might want to go on to Assess your team’s learning needs. You can always refer back to the information in Update yourself if you wish.

Did you know...

Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV, was identified by two different research groups in 1983.

"Thirty years into the HIV epidemic we still have major discrimination and stigma related to HIV, as well as laws and law enforcement that drive people away from HIV services" Sidibe, UNAIDS, 2011.