MEDFASH is grateful for advice, support and comments from a wide range of individuals during the development of this educational tool.

The development of the tool was supported by a Project Advisory Group, the members of which provided valuable advice and guidance:

Ruth Lowbury (Chair), MEDFASH Chief Executive
Fola Akintunde-Edun, GP, Tottenham
Stewart Atkins, Head of Digital Communications Strategy, BMA
Paul Clift, Patients Representative, Caldecot Centre, King's College Hospital
Valerie Delpech, Consultant Epidemiologist & Head of HIV & AIDS Reporting Section, Public Health England (PHE)
William Ford-Young, RCGP SDBBV Group and GP, Macclesfield, Cheshire
Imran Ghafoor, GP Registrar
Philippa James, RCGP SDBBV Group, and GP, Manchester
Judith Mullineux, SHIP (Sexual Health in Practice) Coordinator, Birmingham
Angelina Namiba, Project Manager, Positively UK
Anthony Nardone, Epidemiologist, Sexual Health Promotion & Evaluation, PHE
Kay Orton (observer), Policy Lead HIV and SH promotion, Department of Health (England) 
Jess Peck, Service Specialist – Blood and Cancer (London Region), NHS England
Gina Rowlands, Managing Director/Practice Nurse, Bevan Healthcare, Bradford
Ian Williams, HIV Consultant, Mortimer Market Centre, London

In particular, we would like to thank Sexual Health in Practice, SHIP, the sexual health promotion service, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust (HEFT). Some of SHIP’s approaches to teaching, materials and resources have informed this educational tool, in the hope that we can increase GP HIV testing rates in the way that SHIP face-to-face training has been shown to in Haringey [Pillay T, Smith C, Mullineux J and Matthews P. ‘Unlocking the potential: Longitudinal audit finds multifaceted education for general practice increases HIV testing and diagnosis'].

Content from the MEDFASH booklet, HIV in Primary Care: An essential guide for GPs, practice nurses and other members of the primary healthcare team by Dr Sara Madge, Dr Surinder Singh and Dr Nick Theobald was also used in the development of this educational tool.

MEDFASH also received advice and guidance from members of the Royal College of General Practitioners Sex, Drugs, HIV and Viral Hepatitis Group at all stages of the project’s implementation.

The tool was designed and built by Fresh Lemon, with Craig Heath patiently providing ongoing advice and guidance.

The MEDFASH team that managed the project consisted of Lesley Browne and Magnus Nelson. Derek Bodell, Peter Gordon, Nicholas Leigh-Hunt and Ewan Armstrong provided support for evaluating the tool. Ruth Lowbury, MEDFASH Chief Executive, provided additional advice and guidance.

The project was funded by a grant from the Department of Health’s Voluntary Sector Investment Programme Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development (IESD) Fund. ViiV Healthcare Ltd also kindly provided an unrestricted educational grant towards the development of the resource. ViiV has not had any editorial input or control over the content.


Comments about this educational tool are welcome, and will inform future amendments. Please email us at: 

Did you know...

The first HIV antibody test became widely available in 1985, current venous sample tests are for HIV1 and 2; both antibody and antigen.

In resource poor settings mothers with HIV are advised to breast feed as the risks from bottle feeding in that environment are higher than the risk of HIV transmission.